Hello and welcome!

I’m a pastor, writer and speaker who is continually learning, leading and being formed. I believe in contemplative activism–grounding and centering ourselves in God so that our action flows from the deep reservoir of God’s love and wisdom.

My husband, two children and I live in a small neighborhood in Sherwood, Oregon where we share life and community with neighbors and extended family.

I ponder, write and talk about the spiritual journey, justice and equality, spiritual formation and identity, parenthood, local and global engagement, midlife, and more.

I believe in the power of vulnerability–of sharing wisdom, fear, and failure so that we can learn from each other, experience community, and know that we are not alone. This is a place to share these kinds of stories and listen to the stories of others.

Please join in the conversation! Your voice, your questions, and your wisdom are a valuable part of the life-giving conversations that I hope will happen here.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Oh, Marta, what a lovely blog! I feel at home already! Thank you for your wise and wonderful words. Can’t wait to read more x

  2. Marta- You came to mind recently when I saw your link at the Redbud Writers Guild and I thought I’d reconnect- I think it’s been since the 2014 Faith & Culture Writers Conference! It’s great to find your blog here! – Cornelia

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