I’m a contributing author of the book Just Moms: Conveying Justice in an Unjust World (Barclay Press).

Conveying the principles and the practice of justice to young children is no small task.

In this poignant, honest and sometimes witty collection of stories, 27 women share their adventures and misadventures modeling social-justice principles for their children and communities.

Just Moms is about moms bending their own rules and redefining success as they work to raise kids who value peace, equality, truth, simplicity and love.

Just Moms is about finding hope in what looks like a perfect mess.

Praise for Just Moms:

“We all love stories, and as mothers it’s the stories of other mothers that have the most impact on us. Just Moms will touch your heart as it tells you first that you’re not so bad as a mother–but then goes on to challenge you to be even better.”

– Sally E. Stuart, Writer & speaker, author of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide.

“We need these honest moms and their tales of trying to teach justice in an unjust world. We need to listen as they debate their own choices to work outside the home or not, to pray out loud for the runt, to buy Happy Meals, to use the dishwasher, to live in white suburbs, and to place their ideals up against everyday disappointments and grace.”

– Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Associate professor of English and women’s studies at Penn State; author of Poetry in America

“This is a terrific and helpful book. I wish this collection of essays had been available when my children were younger. These moms are both intentional about conveying justice to their children and authentic about the challenges inherent in parenting. Our best efforts sometimes fall short, but these mothers offer hopeful advice with wit and humility.”

– Jacalynn Stuckey Welling, Professor of history, Malone University

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