Relevant cover“Would Jesus Use the B-word?”Red Letter Christians

“Bellies, Bikinis, and True Love”Hello, Darling (Mothers of Preschoolers International blog)

“Why This Year’s Super Bowl Ads Were Less Sexist”Red Letter Christians

“Why We Need to Read More Women”Relevant

“Christmas Gifts You Don’t Have to Shop For”Relevant

“Christmas Doesn’t Have to Be This Way”Today’s Christian Woman

“You Play Ball Like a…Sexist: Coaches and parents need to rethink how we talk about gender”Her.meneuticsToay's Christian Woman (A Christianity Today blog)


“Talking tomatoes and justice at the dinner table” – International Justice Mission (IJM) website

“Serve Your Community as a Family”Portland Family, San Diego Family, West Virginia Family, Fredericksburg Parent, DeSoto Parent

“Embrace the Values of MLK”Atlanta ParentHermeneutics

“Confessions of a First-Time Sports Parent”Washington Parent, Hawaii Parent, Calgary’sChild, Pittsburgh Parent, Suburban Parent, Western New York Family

“Mess Equals Stress: Embrace a Cleaner, Saner Living Environment” – Houston Family, On the Coast, Calgary’s Child

Brighten Your Days with Done Lists – Mendo Lake Family

magazine cover 1“Fresh Ways to Offer Veggies to Your Child” – Utah Family

“Seize the Summer” – Georgia Family, Suburban Family (Chicago)



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